Hot Gist! How To Be Sure Of Your Partner’s Sexuality Before Marriage – Leo Dasilva

Ex Big Brother Naija housemate, Leo DaSilva warns people planning to get married to know the sexuality of their partner before getting married.

Leo Da Silva through  his Twitter page shared some advice on knowing your partner’s sexuality before getting married to them. He shared;

Before getting married, be very sure of the sexuality of your partner.

Bruh the stories I am getting in my DM from this tweet are so mind intriguing.

I’m not trying to promote sex before marriage or anything like that. If you want to fornicate or not, that’s between you and your God. I’m just advising you all that it’s important to know your partner’s sexuality while getting to know them, do not ignore that aspect.

Tips: Keenly watch how they respond to things, look at the same sex, talk about minor things. If possible try to always look at what catches their gaze

Just pay attention. You don’t need to sleep with someone before you know these things. see some crazy reactions below

@eki_osawe wrote; yes o, nothing importanter, that’s how I almost entered 1 chance marriage in the name of abstinence, hmmm my mouth sef too heavy to talk

@AladeOlu wrote; Bisexual is the most difficult to detect. A woman has been married for over 18 years to a bisexual man. Only for the man to decide of recent that he wants to go “gay” Now marriage is over o.

Yes. Real life story, here in Lagos.

The woman has moved out. They have grown up kids. That made the whole matter worse to handle as no one suspected the man until the signs were obvious and he made his lifestyle know.He has always had.

He just couldn’t hide it anymore at the point the whole thing scattered.

He was doing both genders 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

Those that suspected at the early stage over looked it. Nobody expected it.

People can play along with this sexuality thing for as long as possible.

What do you guys think about this?


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  1. I want to take a different angle, looking from spirituality perspective, finding a partner is beyond your wisdom, I will always recommend seeking God for a partner not social media..

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